Mangatobijo Editorial department

Manga to Bijo is a website where beautiful Japanese girls introduce their favorite manga.
“Manga” means comic, “to” means “and”, and “Bijo” means beautiful girls.
As Japanese “kawaii” girls introduce manga, search for your own favorites.



Yohei Ariyoshi

Born in: Fukuoka, 1990
Graduated: Fukuoka Prefectural Shuyukan High School, The University of Tokyo Engineering Department

In 2013, he founded Hotel Life, Inc.,  jointly while he was a student of the University of Tokyo and In 2014, he graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Engineering Department with a minor in system creation. In the same year, he earned the chairman award.
When he graduated from college, He retired from Hotel Life Inc., and enrolled at Roland Berger which is the biggest management strategy consulting company in Europe.
In 2015, he founded Sensation Inc., and enrolled as CEO.
When he was young, he read the manga Space Brothers. He found it very exciting and it inspired him to start his own business.


Editor:  Urara Yukawa

She was born on a beautiful (which in Japanese is “Urara-ka”) spring day. She has belonged to a broadcasting club since middle school, and she was the runner-up of the broadcasting competition in Japan. She interviews people with their whole hearts and people who experienced wars.To make someone happy and enrich her life, she devotes herself to listen to people’s voices. She loves cat cafes, and her Social media is filled with cat photos. She wants to cuddle with them year around.


PR/Photographer: Hiromasa Ito

He has a strong body that can work 100 hours continuously, and he’s an ambitious person that steps into a foreign country when he feel like it. People tell him that he has a “dreadful smile” because he comes smiling whenever people need him. As a Photo Me cameraman, “beautiful” “fast” and “funny” are his mottos. His photos will capture your best smile!


PR: Mamu Amano

A senior in college in Tokyo. She has three part-time jobs to travel overseas, but she is not good at saving money she earns. She is trying very hard this year. She will try to deliver many kinds of great information to you!


Photographer/Writer: Keisuke Yokosuka

In a broad sense he aims to be a new style of editor. He works on advertisements, WEB directions, events, curations, and he is known as a photographer as well. He is striving to be “a merchant ” and “an expresser” now.


Photographer: Rimi Sakamoto

A photographer based in Tokyo. Her photography career started back in high school when her father gave her an old film camera. She goes all around the world to capture various of moments ever since then. After she graduate from college in 2017, she will move to LA to pursue her dream.
Personal HP

Photographer: Yuichiro Murai

He is a Junior in university who looks like a 30 year old guy. He also is a subculture monster who loves music and movies. He would like to say that his favorite place is Shimokitazawa (where a so-called “sacred place of subculture in Japan” is), but it’s too far from where he lives to go…




A manga artist, Yoshihiro Tomigashi’s manga is her favorite.
Kafuka’s Henshin isn’t really manga, but, its story of “When the main character wakes up in the morning, he cannot get up and dies as a bug.” is a very mysterious story for me.
When she first read this book as a teenager, she thought, “Why on the earth such a boring story is hanging around in the world.”
She still doesn’t understand the story, but the masterpiece remains in her deeply. She is also a model and she loves to play the piano as well.


She is a bilingual who speaks Kansai and Kanto dialect fluently. Ever since she can remember, she has been reading manga. If she loses it, her identity will collapse, and the cells that form her body will break up into an unidentified life form.
Her high school life was glorious with playing dating games in addition to manga. Now, she spends her time using her ability of day dreaming, which she learned from reading many kinds of romance comics, for love issues to mimic. Her favorite manga is “Strobo Edge” and “Snow White with the Red Hair”

Haruka Tsuchida

Ever since she can remember, she read WEEKLY JUMP, which is a weekly manga magazine read by teenagers in Japan, instead of picture books. The more she grew up, the more weekly and monthly magazines were piled in her room. She resisted throwing away lots of Manga even when she was told to do so by her parents. She resisted it because there are so many beautiful dramas and compelling characters which showed her the world she’ve never had. It was a precious time for her when she was little.


Sota Numaho

The manga comics which he started to read when he was little have stuck up to the height of a wall now. When he was a senior in middle school, he retired from club activities and he spent all day reading manga, which brought him into the manga world. Not only did he read the masculine spiritual manga like Hokuto no Ken, but he also reads girls’ comics like Kimini todoke after his younger sister asked him to bring it home. When he was in kindergarten, it’s not too much to say that he spent his life with ONE PIECE.



He failed his entrance exam for university in his junior year, so he studied another year, but he failed again. So he worked hard at a convenience store, a hero show, as an environmental researcher, and at a tech store, but he eventually became a dead-beat.
Now he doesn’t have anything to lose anymore. so he shrugged off his failures positively.
It’s okay to be a high school graduate. But what’s wrong with being a dead-beat?
He often reads history novels and manga. One of his favorite novels is Harimanada Monogatari and NHK ni Yokoso for manga.

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