Privacy Policy

Sensation, Inc. (hereafter, referred to as “the firm”) decides on its Personal Information Protection Policy and construct its Personal Information Protection Arrangement, and it makes all employees understand its importance thoroughly to encourage Personal Information Protection.

Management of Personal Information

This firm keeps accurate and up-to-date records of customers’ personal information. To avoid unauthorized access of personal information, loss, damage and alteration, the firm manages its security system, maintenance, employees’ training, and safety policy to strictly protect personal information.

The Purpose of Personal Protection

The information which this firm takes charge of will be used to send an e-mail or a document for the purpose of sending messages, invitations, or the answers of questions.

Prohibition of the Disclosure and Offer of Personal Information to the Third Person

The firm manages customers’ personal information and it will not disclose personal information to the third person except in the instances listed below.

  • Customers’ agreement
  • Cases in which personal information is disclosed to other firms, in accordance with the stated wishes of the customer
  • The needs of disclosure based on the law

Safety Policy of Personal Information

Inquiry of the Said Person

If a customer would like to inquire, revise or delete his personal information, the firm will comply after it confirms his identity.

Reconsideration of Compliance and Standards

The firm observes Japanese law and other criterion applied to the personal information policy. The firm holds and endeavors to review this policy appropriately, and to improve it.