Kodocha: Kids Have Dark Side and Love Like You Do. 

Powerful main character, Sana 

 The main character, Sana Kurata is a child TV actress in 6th grade. She has a dark past, but her smile brings people together both in her school life and her actress life. Akito Hayama is a trouble maker in Sana’s class who has a rivalry relationship with her. They cannot understand each other, because their personalities and backgrounds are totally different. 

 However, they begin to get along, little by little. Sana notices that she feels comfortable in front of Akito. When she enters middle school, she is chosen as a main character in a movie called “Mizu no Yakata.” Naozumi Kamura, who is in the movie, flirts with Sana and paparazzi catch them when they’re together. 

 What is Akito going to do next? 

 What’s more, Sana gets a disease called a doll syndrome (Ningyo-byo), which makes it difficult for her face to express emotions. Can Sana overcome the disease or not? Akito and Sana are still kids. They grow up little by little together. Today, Mana will introduce the popular manga, Kodocha, for which an anime version has also been made. 


  • Author:Miho Obana
  • Publisher:TokyoPop; Gph edition 
  • Published on:June 11, 2002


Are they grown-ups or not? 

ーー What’s your favorite character? 

 -Sana is not an usual girl. She has such a unique sensitivity that we almost question that she is an elementary school student. Of course, I choose Sana! She looks mature, unlike average elementary kids.

 ーーWhat’s your favorite scene? 

The scene in which Hayama and Sana get very close in the 1st volume. Everyone thinks Sana and Akito are rivals, but that scene is surprising, yet very cute! Anything else?  

What’s a true strength? 

 I love the scene in which the relationship between Sana and her manager changes.  

ーーSana wipes away her tears and she steps forward to be an adult, that’s such a great scene. 

 Also, I like the scene when Sana comes back from the fire. She is a very cool character. That’s a great action, she did! The movie “Mizu no Yakata”, in which she plays the main role in this manga,  became an actual manga!  

 ーーHow did you find this manga? 

 I found it when I was in elementary school.  

 ーーIt must make elementary kids feel sympathy when they read this manga! Did this manga change you in any way? 

 Yes. Though Sana is an elementary school kid, she made me want to fall in love with someone! Everything about love and the actress world, is condensed in this manga.  

ーー Please leave a few words. 

 I recommend this manga to everyone, from young kids to grown women! It’s a touching manga, surprisingly.  She always does her best for her work, school life and love. Whether you’re young like Sana, or you’re grown-ups, you’ll enjoy this manga: Kodocha!  


  • Author:Miho Obana
  • Publisher:TokyoPop; Gph edition 
  • Published on:June 11, 2002

Model Profile 

Name: Mana 

Date of Birth: January 16th, 1994 

Birthplace: Shizuoka 

Job: TV Personality 

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(Photographer: Hiromasa Ito) 


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