Hunter x Hunter Will Lead You into the Infinite World

Hunter x Hunter’s world is infinite. 

There are infinite lands on the map, inside the video game and a dark continent outside of the map.

There are potential “unknowns” inside the story. 

People who constantly begin their adventures are called professional hunters.

 Being a professional hunter is the most magnificent job in the world. 

 The main character of this story is a professional hunter, Gon, and one of his friends, Killua.

Tomomi Makino, a model for this article, is going to introduce Hunter x Hunter

I saw Hunter x Hunter on TV when I was in elementary school.

 When I turned on the TV, the anime version of Hunter x Hunter was on. I loved it immediately, so I tried the manga as well.

I’d never read boys’ manga before, so it was kind of weird for the first time, but it was fun.

 I’ll never forget the scene in which Killua pulls out someone’s heart…it was shocking!

Hunter X Hunter

  • Author: Yoshihiro Togashi
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC; 1st edition
  • Published on:April 5, 2005

 I like the enemy characters.

You’ll learn so many life lessons from enemy characters in Mr. Togashi’s manga.

Both the hunters and enemies have justice and kindness in their minds.

They’re all human beings and there are no difference such as good or bad.

 Weakness of the Champion, strength of the loser

 There is the tough character Meruemu and the opposite character Komugi in this manga.

They differ in social standing, but Gungi (Similar to the Japanese chess game, Shogi) bounds them closely.

Meruem was born perfect and flawless, but Komugi is an ordinary girl.

The only thing that Komugi is very good at is Gungi, and nobody can defeat her.

 I like to see them playing Gungi.

In the 30th volume, Ants, Meruemu is put down by the hunters.

Meruemu slowly but surely gets poisoned, but he still plays Gungi with Komugi like they always do.

Meruemu is defeated by Komugi as always, but he gradually passes out on Komugi’s lap.

I think Komugi wins no matter how many times they play.

I recommend this manga if you like action or heart-warming stories.

People are fueled to fight by a special energy in Hunter x Hunter’s world.

Every character uses their unique powers and skills. There are no regularity, so you’ll be surprised by what is going to happen next in the fight scenes. 

What’s more, characters in this manga are all very nice and they’re always trying to protect someone.

Every chapter has a different atmosphere and characters vary.

You will enjoy every chapter.

Model Profile

  • Name: Tomomi Makino
  • Date of Birth: September 5th
  • Birthplace: Chiba
  • Job: Graduate student
  • Awards: with Star member
  • Hobby: I like playing the piano.
  • Problems: I buy books very often, but I’m too busy to read the book… I can read only about 3 pages a day.
  • Twitter: @tomochii__
  • Blog: 牧野友美 ともログ

 (Photographer: Hiromasa Ito)


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A manga artist, Yoshihiro Tomigashi’s manga is her favorite. Kafuka’s Henshin isn’t really manga, but, its story of “When the main character wakes up in the morning, he cannot get up and dies as a bug.” is a very mysterious story for me. When she first read this book as a teenager, she thought, “Why on the earth such a boring story is hanging around in the world.” She still doesn’t understand the story, but the masterpiece remains in her deeply. She is also a model and she loves to play the piano as well.