Fullmetal Alchemist: You Cannot Take Your Eyes Off of the Last Battle

You Will Be Strong Because You Have Someone to Protect

Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, who lost his mother when they were little, tried to revive her using the most forbidden alchemy of human transmutation.

The alchemy to revive their mother failed, and what’s more, Edward lost his left leg and Alphonse lost his whole body.

To put Alphonse’s soul in a suit of armor, Edward lost his right arm as well, and put machines called “automail” on them.

Time has passed since then, and Edward, a 12 year-old boy, becomes a State Alchemist known as a war dog.

Edward was named “Hagane” after his robotic body, and Hagane and Alphonse left for the quest to find the secret treasure.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Author:Hiromu Arakawa
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC
  • Published on:May 3, 2005

Miracle Can Happen in Hopeless Times

-Who is your favorite character?

It would be Roy Mustang!

-Roy Mustang is kind of innocent for his age, but also the main character in the Amestria State Military. He is also known as the Flame Alchemist who controls fire freely. The readers also get hot in the fighting scenes!

-What’s your favorite scene?

The fighting scene in the 10th volume.

-That scene is scary! Roy gets hurt heavily, but the miracle that happens there is simply amazing! Roy comes back after he almost died! We can’t take our eyes off him! This scene demonstrates Roy’s attractiveness very well!

I Found Hagaren Again!

-How did you find this manga?

 I remembered I watched the anime when I was in elementary school, and I found it again in collage

-It’s fun to read it again to find discover new interesting things about it! I’m interested in knowing why Miori became anime geek, too!

How did this manga change your life?

It would be the concept of a “fair exchange”. You need to pay compensation for whatever you want in your life. Life lessons without pain are useless. There is meaning in each one of the actions and thoughts, and you need to find out what the meanings are. Also, I love science (alchemy)!

Please leave a few words!

I love Hagaren! I want to be a mistress of Roy!

-Roy Mustang is a flirty guy who calls girls during work, but he steps up to become a colonel. He is a heroic man!

Thank you, Miori for introducing Fullmetal Alchemist!

Do you always do your best you can? There is always miracles after the countless hardships.
If you struggle in your life, why don’t you pick up this manga?

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Author:Hiromu Arakawa
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC
  • Published on:May 3, 2005

Model Profile

Name: Miori Nakamura

Date of Birth: December 13th, 1993

Birthplace: Tokyo

Job: Waseda University

Awards: Miss Science 2013 Special Award

Hobby: Anime, Movie, Solo Traval

Problems: I got bored of lab work

Twitter: @miori_micharyo

Instagram: @miori_micharyo

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A manga artist, Yoshihiro Tomigashi’s manga is her favorite. Kafuka’s Henshin isn’t really manga, but, its story of “When the main character wakes up in the morning, he cannot get up and dies as a bug.” is a very mysterious story for me. When she first read this book as a teenager, she thought, “Why on the earth such a boring story is hanging around in the world.” She still doesn’t understand the story, but the masterpiece remains in her deeply. She is also a model and she loves to play the piano as well.