Gintama: Every Moment Pushing With All Your Might

Gintama is very passionate about not only when fighting back against the biggest enemy, but also daily pranks and jokes.

A samurai, Gintoki Sakata runs a general store and unique customers visit the store. Ginpachi always fights for someone in the town with Shinpachi Shimura, whose glasses are thought to be a part of his body and a member of combat race, Kagura, who is instinctive and full of curiosity.

According to a writer, Hideaki Sorachi,

In this manga, there are many unique characters. There is both laughter and tears  . The two extreme stories are focus on the human beings’ various emotions.

I remember that I laughed out loud every time a shogun, Shigeshige Tokugawa appears. For Ginpachi and his friends, those highly respected people in the Edo period were just funny ordinary men.

Gintama is a very entertaining, encouraging and admirable manga.

In 2004, Gintama started its series in Weekly JUMP. 65 series were published and over 50 million copies were sold. This super popular manga was announced for the live-action movie, which will be released in 2017.

It’s said that making a live-action movie from manga was difficult in a different way. We got to talk to Mari, a big fan, about this manga.


Gin Tama

  • Author, Illustrator:Hideaki Sorachi
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC
  • Date:July 3, 2007

He Is Immature, But He Is a True Man When It Comes to the Crunch


–How did you know this manga?

When I was in high school, it was very popular that someone brings manga and we passed them around and read them in turn. I had many friends who loved Gintama, so I gave it a try.

–Who is your favorite character?

The main character, Gintoki Sakata.

–I knew you wouldn’t choose Shinpachi.

–What is your favorite scene?

I like the joke scenes, but I personally like the combat one more. Especially I like when Gin-san(Gintoki’s nickname) expresses his deep and passionate thought.

–Usually he is pretty much a loser, but people admire his tolerance.

Modulated Scenes


–How did the discovery of this manga change your life?


I have mutual topics when I talk to people who like manga.

I think it’s funny that some people seem to be surprised when I tell them that I like Gintama.

–Finally, please give a few words to readers.


The best parts of this manga are not only the action scenes, but also the little things that happen in their lives which are hilarious. And there are some scenes from other manga or real society.

There are scenes where you laugh so hard, there are moving and heart -warming scenes as well. The attractiveness of this manga results from the characters’ deep potrayal.

And I’m so excited for the Live-action movie and there are some favorite actors/actresses in it!

–In Weekly JUMP, the battle is getting to a climax, so why don’t you check them out?

Gin Tama

  • Author, Illustrator:Hideaki Sorachi
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC
  • Date:July 3, 2007

Model Profile

  • Name: Mari Asai
  • Date of Birth: June 25th, 1988
  • Birthplace: Aichi
  • Job: Free Model
  • Prizes: WSD(Waseda) Idol Project(the 1st place in general Internet votes, Special Recognition Award and Grand Prize)
  • Hobby: Going to Disney Land(the third year of Disney Land/Sea Annual pass)
  • Twitter:@v_Maari_v
  • Instagram:@mari_asai_625
  • Blog:

Photographer: Hiromasa Ito


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