Heart-warming Kindness of People in Gingacho: The Stellar Six of Gingacho

The Story is set in Shotengai (Japanese shopping street)

The six are owners of different stores: Mike owns greengrocer store, Kuro owns a fish store, Iba has a rice store, Q has a Soba store, Sato runs a Yakitori restaurant, and Mamoru runs a Sake store.

These six characters were grown up in Gingacho and have known each other since they were born.

The strong bond that they have and the love drama that happens sometimes makes this one of the most heart-warming manga of all time.

Rina Yamagata will introduce it.

Can You Tell Your Future Dream Immediately?

-Who is your favorite character?

That’s Ai Kurosu.

-That’s a little brother of Kuro, isn’t it? He is one of those cool kids and everybody likes him. I like his strong desire to inherit the fish store and, despite his popularity, he doesn’t care about love or anything else whatsoever.

-Which scenes do you like the most?

I like when the six achieve something together.

-There are many interesting events in Gingacho.

Stellar Six Gingacho Gn

  • Author:Fujimoto Yuuki
  • Publisher: TOKYOPOP
  • Published on:2011

Manga For Your Loved One

-How did you find this manga?

One of my friends recommended it to me.

Someone Who Is Everything to You

-Did something change after you read this manga? 

 I learned that friendship is very important in your life after all and this manga made me want to meet my old friends too!

-I was thinking the exactly same thing! The story that these six characters create makes me feel nostalgic. It  makes me want to call my old friends whom I don’t talk to anymore. 

-Please leave a few words.

This manga reminds me how important friendships are. This is such a kind, and easy-to-read manga, so please give it a try! Their strong bond makes you rethink your friendships too!

Sparkles In Your Ordinary Days

One of the important factors of this manga is friendship.

Mike owns greengrocer store, Kuro owns a fish store, Iba has a rice store, Q has a Soba store, Sato runs a Yakitori restaurant, and Mamoru runs a Sake store. 

They were all born and grew up together in Gingacho.

Their lives aren’t fancy or anything, but ordinary and simple.

However, their lives are full of excitement and happiness.

They tell us the sparkles are sprinkled in the ordinary days.

 If you feel like your life is boring, give it a try and you’ll find something from it.

Model Profile

  • Name: Rina Yamagata
  • Date of Birth: December 27th, 1992
  • Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
  • Job: Musician
  • Hobby: I like cooking, driving and singing.
  • Twitter: @rinapuuu1227
  • Instagram:@rinapuuu1227

(Photographer: Rimi Sakamoto/ Personal Website/ rimisakamoto.com)


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