You Would Want to Love Someone Honestly『Honey and Clover』

They slowly spread in your mind.

Have you ever visited an art school before?

It’s famous for the unique graduation ceremony every year.

This is a story about an art student, Yuta Takemoto and his artsy friends.

The story begins when the art school’s teacher, Shuji Hanamoto brings his cousin’s daughter, Hagumi to school.

There are many scenes in which the unique and talented art students struggle in their lives, yet are attracted by each other.

You might know this manga by the movie version which has been available since 2007. Kei Samejima is going to introduce it.

Honey and Clover

  • Author:Chica Umino
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC
  • Published on: March 4, 2008

Love Honestly


-How did you find Honey and Clover?

When I was in high school, one of my friends recommended it to me. Many of my friends were watching the show version at that time, so I gave it a try. After that, I’ve been a big fan of Chika Umino. I introduced March Comes in Like a Lion, another manga from Chika Umino.

-You’re right. So you like her work, don’t you?

Yeah I think so. Her art work is always soft and warm, but the lines in her manga can be sharp and deep. I like that contrast.

-Is that so? Could you tell us your favorite lines or scenes?

 I cannot forget the scene where Nomiya asks Ayu out.

Nomiya is the boss of his friends’ design company. Nomiya is very smart and a hard worker, but he doesn’t care too much about his relationship with girls. That’s why I thought he was a dry person, but he falls in love with Ayumi, the main character Yuta’s friend.

-Does he apathetic dry when he falls for her?

No, not at all! He turns into a very active person and ask her out. I love that contrast too! hahaha.

You can be timid.

-You told me about Nomiya’s romance, but will others have a romance like him?

It’s kind of different from Nomiya, but everyone gradually falls in love. The main character, Yuta and Shinobu fall in love with Hagumi, that’s my favorite scene.They both try to ask her to go out, but in different ways, and they’re so cute! If you overlook the situation, it’s kind of funny, but love is blind, right?
They’re very honest about their feelings, and I learned something valuable.

-And what’s going to happen to them?

 You should read it and figure it out! haha I think you will be surprised, though.

-What is the attraction of this manga?

Everyone is clumsy when it comes to love, but it’s not about mimicking someone. Sometimes you feel confused or timid, but it’s touching that they still try to express themselves and love someone. Their artwork that reflects such things are beautiful and you feel like you just want to talk to them and cheer them up. That’s the attraction of this manga.

-It sounds like Honey and Clover is such an attractive manga!
Thank you so much, Kei!

Honey and Clover

  • Author:Chica Umino
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC
  • Published on: March 4, 2008

Model Profile

  • Name: Kei Samejima
  • Date of Birth: January 24th, 1991
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Job: Clinical psychologist
  • Awards: ABC cooking, The 3rd generation of Nicola
  • Hobby: Playing the piano and reading.
  • Twitter: @my_samelody
  • Instagram: k_samelody
  • (Photographer・Rimi Sakamoto/Personal Website・


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