The Story of NANA: You Must Remember This Bitter Sweet

Two “Nana”


Nana Komatsu, is a flirt who loves hot guys and she easily falls in love.
Nana Osaki, who makes an effort to be a successful musician.

 These two girls are starring in this comic.

 Nana Komatsu, who is moving to Tokyo to start the new life with her boyfriend, and Nana Osaki, who is also moving to Tokyo to make her dream of being a musician come true, met each other by chance in a Shinkansen (Japanese high-speed train). Then, somehow, the two Nanas started to live together.

 NANA is a human drama manga in which two Nanas with completely different personalities grow up after their hardships.

 Now, the writer is on a break due to a health situation (since 2009), but NANA fans are hoping for its comeback.

 Hina Shimamura, also a big NANA fan, is introducing her favorites parts of this comic.


  • Author: Ai Yazawa
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC; Shojo Beat Manga Ed edition
  • Release:December 6, 2005

The attractiveness of Hachi


–It’s sudden, but which Nana would you like better?

I like Hachi. This nickname was given by Nana Osaki, musician one.

–Hachi is Komatsu Nana, who is a flirt, right? But what part of Hachi is attractive to you?

Hachi is a very pure and honest person, but she makes mistakes and things don’t always go well for her, just like other girls, or even other human beings in the world. I felt a lot of sympathy for her.

–Yeah, she is drawn as an ordinary girl. She is very talkative and sometimes kind of annoying, but I can never dislike her.

Exactly. After she went through many hardships, she gradually turned into an attractive woman. I really admire her positivity as well. I love her!


Attractiveness is the NANA’s Real World.


 –You told us what you like about Nana Komatsu(Hachi), but what makes you love the comic, NANA?

The other appeal is that the gap between Nana and Hachi. They both have their own color, which makes this comic even more exciting.

–Hachi is an ordinary girl, and Nana looks tough on the surface, but is gentle at heart. It’s very interesting that the two Nanas’ stories intersect each other.

Yep. Not only love, but also friendship, dreams, and the entertainment world are included in this comic. It sounds extraordinary, but it makes you feel more sympathy in the real world.
I think it’s a very interesting manga, so I highly recommend it!

–You made me want to read it again. I think NANA is a comic you can read again and again.

Certainly. I don’t buy manga often, but I now realize that I have all the issues of NANA at my house already! I rarely reread the same manga, but NANA is the one I read repeatedly.

–Thank you so much, Hina! NANA is a comic which, once you start reading, you can never go back. There are 21 series, so I’d recommend you to read them when you have free time.
Also, you can watch the movie and anime of NANA as well. So you can start off with them too!


  • Author: Ai Yazawa
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC; Shojo Beat Manga Ed edition
  • Release:December 6, 2005

 Model profile

  • Name:Hina Shimamura
  • Birthday:1990/3/12
  • Birth place:Shiga
  • Job:PR industry
  • Awards:model of Kobe beauty girls collection
  • Hobby:Travel
  • Instagram:@s_hiina

(Photographer:Hiromasa Ito)


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