Gantz: Human Nature Beyond Comprehension and Limit

Gantz: Human Nature Beyond Comprehension and Limit


Kei Kurono, who is pretty much sarcastic and disrespectful toward other people, was reading a magazine on the platform on the way home from high school. Somehow, he noticed that standing next to him was his old elementary school friend, Masaru Kato. He still had a glimmer of what he used to be, but he looked a bit stronger. Kurono hoped that Kato would never notice his existance.

When a drunken man from nowhere suddenly fell in the train track, brutal Kurono was kind of excited to see people dying. Kurono mocked Kato who was shaking by the scene in front of him while Kurono was feeling superior at the same time.

The next moment, Kato decided his mind to jump off to the track to rescue the drunken man. Kurono thought it’s not worthy to save whom he thinks is a loser, but as soon as he heard “You’re Kei-chan, right?”, which probably Kato said, Kurono’s body was moving toward the truck unconsciously.

Kurono and Kato tried very hard to save the guy, but it was too late when they put up the man on the platform. The running train killed Kurono and Kato cruelly.

When they recovered their sight, there was a 1 meter long unidentified black sphere in front of them.

“Your lives have ended. How you use your new life is entirely up to me. That’s the theory, anyway.”

This black sphere called “Gantz” drives people mad and, in the end, all humans will be effected by it.

“Gantz” has been released in Weekly Young Jump since 2000 and it’s one of the biggest hit comics in Japan. The new movie “GANTZ:O” has been screened since October 16th, 2016 and includes the highly acclaimed series, “Nurarihyon” in full CGI.


  • Author:Hiroya Oku
  • Publisher:Dark Horse Manga
  • Published on:July 8, 2008



–How did you start reading this manga?

 I like horror manga, and my brother recommended this manga by chance. He said, “If you’re okay with grotesque scenes and explanations, you should definitely read it”.
When you think you’re dead, you’re in front of the unknown sphere, and you’re ordered to kill aliens. The story is full of mysteries and chills. You’ll see the instinctive “death” and it makes this story interesting.

–Who’s your favorite character?

It still would be Joichiro Nishi. He gets cooler and cooler as the manga continues.

–It’s interesting that you say “still”. Nishi-kun in the beginning is like a representative of an arrogant and bad guy, so why did you find him attractive?

In Gantz, the characters’ psychology and emotions are very realistically described, so I like Nishi-kun better than ordinary attractive characters you see in many manga.  There’s more complexity to his personality.

Things you don’t want to tell anyone, each character’s suffering….Descriptions of those things which we have in life should be empathetic.

Especially Nishi-kun is very attractive somehow.

–He certainly changes a lot as the manga continues.  The struggles and fragility of flawed characters, and their efforts to overcome their shortcomings, make for more interesting and attractive characters than those how are always successful.


–What’s your favorite scene?

 A scene of encounter with Onion Aliens(Negi-Seijin) was kind of shocking!

–People kill, because you are told to do so. You can kill, because enemies are aliens. The madness of human beings is depicted very well in Gantz.

 I can’t pick just one of Nishi-kun’s best scenes, but when one of his classmates was pushed and fell from the window it was epic…

–We can rarely find manga like this. Gantz is famous for its brilliant graphics, but not only that, the human drama is also one of the attractions of this manga.


–How did this manga change your life?

You’ll find not only beautiful aspects of life, but things you might not want to think of, like traumatic stuff, cruelty and irrationality are well drawn in this manga. As we experience many things, we grow and become attractive….This manga made me think about it more and I realized that I wanted to spend my time more seriously, yet gently.

–Please give a few words for the readers.


Gantz uses CGI, but a balance between analog and digital made its unique world more vivid. You might feel nervous that the things happening in Gantz might actually happen in the real world. Black Sphere’s weird explanation and the sudden noise of radio calisthenics…they’re weirdly scary. This manga is grotesque and intense in a good way.

You should give this manga a try!


  • Author:Hiroya Oku
  • Publisher:Dark Horse Manga
  • Published on:July 8, 2008

Model Profile

  • Name: Reina
  • Birthplace: Saitama
  • Job: Reception
  • Hobby: I’m studying aromatherapy💜
  • Problem: Suddenly I get to want to eat spicy food.

(Photographer: Hiromasa Ito)


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