Haikyu!!: You Cannot Reach the Summit Alone.

When You’re With Me, You’re the Strongest.

One day, Shoyo Hinata glanced at a national high school volleyball convention on a TV screen in a tech shop. Shoyo was still in his 6th grade, but he decided to be a volleyball player like the “little giant” that he saw on TV.

Three years later, Hinata met Tobio Kageyama in his last middle school game. Volleyball was Hinata’s everything. However, Kageyama, a king of volleyball, was clearly out of Hinata’s league. Kageyama was so good that he played on one of the best volleyball teams in Japan. Everyone thinks that Kageyama defeated Hinata easily, and he did, but Hinata’s obsession for victory swayed Kageyama emotionally.

To avenge the brutal defeat, Hinata entered into Karasuno High School, which is the school that the “little giant” played a few years ago. Hinata went to the gymnasium where he heard the sound of a volleyball bouncing. Hinata found out that the person bouncing the ball was none other than his biggest rival, Kageyama!

The encounter with his rival changed his life 180°. Hinata was less than 170cm (5’6), but his physical ability was outstanding, like Kageyama. The difference was that, unlike Hinata, Kageyama wasn’t popular and didn’t have teammates who were like a brother to him.

At first, they didn’t fully respect each other, but they slowly began to build up a reliable relationship as they played together.

Haikyu!! has been on Weekly JUMP since 2012 and a manga version of Haikyu!! was published 20 million times.  It collaborated with the 66th high school volleyball national championship.

Today, Natsumi is going to talk about the thriving manga, Haikyu!!

-How did you find this manga?

I saw the anime version, so I tried the original manga version too.

-Who is your favorite character?

 I like Kei Tsukishima.

-He is a very clever freshman player in high school who plays like Hinata and Kageyama, right? Unlike Hinata who is very honest, Tsukishima is sarcastic and impertinent.

-What is your favorite scene then?

I like the scene in which Tsukishima blocks the spike from Ushiwaka, who is one of the best spikers in the country.

Is that a semi-final for the national championship? Tsukishima has a pokerface, but his emotion explodes when he blocks Ushijima’s spike. That’s the time when Tsukishima finally becomes enthusiastic for volleyball.

-How did this manga change your life?

 If you work really hard to achieve something, someone would appreciate your hard work. It doesn’t matter whether if other people notice or not. Because of this manga, I decided to work really hard on what I can do before I graduate from collage.


-Please leave a few words!

You witness physically and psychologically great plays that Karasuno High School volleyball team achieves, but you might not find this manga outstandingly exciting. However, I was very moved by every players’ incomparable hard work to beat the best teams in the nation.
 If you think you’re not doing well on whatever your field is, give it a try and you’ll find your own goals once you see the players’ effort!

Model Profile

  • Name: Natsumi
  • Date of Birth: August 22nd, 1994
  • Birthplace: Aichi
  • Job: Student
  • Awards: I won the national championship when I was in a dance team in high school.
  • Hobby: I like dancing. I want to travel more too.
  • Twitter: @kichohana_natsu(Photographer: Hiromasa Ito)


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