You’ll Find The One: New Prince of Tennis

On a men’s tennis team…

The story is set on the tennis team in Seishun academy.This is the distinguished school of tennis.

The main character, Ryoma Echizen joined the team to surpass his dad, Nanjiro, who is one of the best players in the country.

 At first, Ryoma’s goal was to surpass his dad, but he encountered other rivals on the team that made him question what would happen after he surpassed his dad. After all, Ryoma plays very well in the team and he becomes one of the top players.

This story is the journey of Ryoma and Seishun academy’s tennis team.

Today, Yuka will introduce you to New Prince of Tennis.

The New Prince of Tennis

  • Author: Takeshi Konomi 
  • Publisher:Shueisha
  • Published on:March 3, 2017

Tremendous effort toward tennis…

Who is your favorite character?

Eiji Kikumaru and Ryoma Echizen are my favorites!

Eiji, who is a mood maker on the team, is very unique character, yet a very kind guy.

-Kikumaru respects Ryoma. Is that because they’re completely different? Ryoma is always so cool and he just loves tennis so much, so people who don’t know him think he is sort of arrogant. However, he actually isn’t arrogant, but he just loves tennis so much! Ryoma and Kikumar are the two most popular characters!

It’s necessary to fight sometimes.

What’s your favorite scene?

The match between Kikumaru and Oishi that usually are doubles in the first volume.

Kikumaru and Oishi are praised as the best doubles partners on the team. Kikumaru misses on purpose for Oishi, but Oishi wants Kikumaru to play seriously as the best teammate. That’s when Kikumaru gets confused about whether or not he should play for the very first time.

How did you find this manga?

I love the anime version, so thought I might as well give it a try, and grabbed the manga.

New Prince of Tennis has not only an anime and manga version; there is also a musical!

Like a bible during her school years

How did this manga change your life?

I didn’t belong to a school team in middle school or high school. I learned what it’s like from this manga.

I see. The school life of this manga is very real.

Please leave a few words.

This is one of the best manga which is still being made today. New Prince of Tennis is the one and only. Fans including me will always love “Happy media creator/ manga director”, Takeshi Konomi’s projects.

-We should follow the Prince’s activity!


Devotion to tennis.

This manga attracts comparatively more female fans, because of the unique teammates and other tennis players that have appeared in this manga. They have “something they can dedicate themselves to,” which is respectable and strong.

Once you read it,  you’ll fall in love with these guys.

You cannot miss this great sports manga, New Prince of Tennis!


The New Prince of Tennis

  • Author:Takeshi Konomi
  • Publisher:Shueisha
  • Published on:March 3, 2017

Model Profile

Name: Yuka Inaba

Date of Birth: January 8th, 1994

Birthplace: Shizuoka

Job: Florist

Awards: Coin Toss Season 4 on TBS, With Model

Hobby: I love Prince of Tennis!

Twitter: @zuyu111



(Photographer: Hiromasa Ito)


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