When you give up, that’s when the game is over…SLAM DUNK isn’t just spots manga!

It’s a youthful story which depicts basketball, love and high school life.

The main character is a bad boy, Hanamichi Sakuragi.

 SLAM DUNK , “SURADAN” in Japanese, is a basketball manga and it shows how Sakuragi grew up with his hardships.

 At a glance, it looks like just an ordinary Japanese manga story, but the more you read, the more you would be attracted by Hanamichi Sakuragi.

 Many people in Japan who have read this manga must have had the same feeling.

 What’s more, the appeal of SLAM DUNK isn’t just Sakuragi.

 The rival of Sakuragi, who is handsome and a star player, Rukawa, is also a popular and attractive character.

Slam Dunk

  • Author:Takehiko Inoue
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC
  • Release:September 2, 2008

XXX of millennials


–How did you discover this manga?

I watched the anime version first.

–I see. And then, you read the manga, right?

Yes! I wanted to read it cover to cover at once, so I asked my parents and they bought it for me!

–Lucky you! Did you really read it cover to cover in one sitting?

It took a few days but I did it. Everyone was reading SURADAN at that time.

–That’s true. Millennials were kind of obsessed with this manga. Actually I was reading it, even though I didn’t belong to a basketball club.

Yeah, SURADAN for us was like a lingua franca.
I wasn’t good at talking to boys, but SURADAN gave me an opportunity to enjoy having a conversation with them!

Sakuragi and His Unique Friends


–It really is a lingua franca. But tell me a little more about SURADAN with no spoilers.First of all, who is your favorite character?

It’s Mitchy!

–Hmm, I’m not sure who Mitchy is…

Did you really read SURADAN? Mitchy is Kotobuki Mitsui. He frustrated his dream and became a bad student, but he couldn’t fully get over basketball, so he admitted that he still wanted to play basketball, and he finally rejoined!

–That’s right! Now I remember! I haven’t read it for a long time…Sorry! But I think in SLAM DUNK, there are a lot of very unique characters in addition to Sakuragi and Rukawa.

–I think that’s one of the most attractive things about SLAM DUNK.

–Also, there are many attractive scenes as well. Do you have any favorite scenes?

I love the scene “high-five”. I can’t talk about it specifically because I might give a spoiler, but it was very exciting and you can almost hear the sound of high-five from the manga.

–I couldn’t agree more. That scene is very moving. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you should read it! Sayumi, could you give us a last comment about SLAM DUNK?

Yes, this manga is funny yet moving and Inoue-sensei is so cool. Please read it!

–Thank you so much. Sayumi reminded me of the appeal of SLAM DUNK again.

Whether you’ve read it before or not, let’s read SLAM DUNK now and reminisce about youth and the mindset of never giving up, shall we?

Slam Dunk

  • Author:Takehiko Inoue
  • Publisher:VIZ Media LLC
  • Release:September 2, 2008

 Model profile

  • Name:Sayumi Miyamoto
  • Birthday:1988/11/20
  • Birth place:Kanagawa
  • Job:Office Lady
  • Awards:withgirls TOP7
  • Hobby:Camera
  • Instagram:@minsayu

(Photographer:Hiromasa Ito)


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