Let’s take a moment to think about Manga, Bijo and Life: Space Brothers’ Mind Note.

I’m Yohei Ariyoshi, a representative of Manga to Bijo.  

 Today, we released a new edition of Manga to Bijo, so I’d like to write about Manga’s power, and my personal favorite Manga. I’m not a Bijo, obviously, but please bear with me. 

 This might be sudden, but do you have any manga that made your life a bit more interesting? 

 Yes, it’s just Manga, but it gives something you cannot get from novels or business how-to books. Of course, those books also have their own attraction. 

 I have been affected by Manga in my life at many moments. 

Actually, Major and Rookies made me start baseball, and Captain Tsubasa and Shoot! persuaded to try out for the soccer team in high school. And Dragon Sakura made me keep going until I was enrolled in Tokyo University. (It almost looks like I was affected by manga too much…) 

 After I graduated from college and had a busy life, I read Space Brothers again. 

Space Brothers gave me the courage I needed to become an entrepreneur.  

 It might sound elegant to say, but my life has been on the fast track to success.  

 A year ago, I was thinking if I wanted to start my own business, but many of my friends disapproved of the idea. 

  •  “Isn’t it too early? You should keep your consulting job a while longer.”
  • “You should stay in this company so that you can get step up for life.”
  • “Why on earth do you need to start a business? You’ll have a fulfilled life if you just work in this company!” 

 People said those things, and I’ll never forget that some laughed at me. 

 Because of Space Brothers, I could start my own business after just one year of working after collage. 

 Manga cannot change your life, but it can give you a helpful push in the right direction and make your life a bit more entertaining. Manga has such power. 

 Not brain notes, but your mind notes. 

 I’m going to finish today’s blog, after I introduce Space Brother’s Mind Note(sorry, Japanese only ), which gathered inspiring phrases that you might be going to want to take note of. 


Choose the Path Less Travelled. 

 In the hundreds of phrases, I’m going to introduce the line from Mutta Namba. 

 Make a melody you’ve never heard. Go along the way nobody walked. There is something that sparkles for me.

 There are no answers or paths for entrepreneurs. So I thought that starting my business was “the brightest path” that was available. 

 What is the dream you can give up? 


 Secondly, let me introduce you a line by Hibito, a brother of Mutta. 

Going to the space is your dream, right? If you can give it up, you don’t call it dream.

 When Mutta almost gave up his dream of becoming an astronomer, Hibito said this powerful phrase to Mutta. 

 People are easily satisfied with their life and they tend to give up on their dreams. Even for me, it was a good lesson to remember what my dream was. 

 You Only Live Once.  


Finally, I’m introducing the phrase that made me start my business within just a year. 

 I’ve already decided. I don’t have time to be lost. Life is short…! I can’t use my energy for something which doesn’t make me excited…

 This phrase is from Mutta’s trainer Vince and the developer Pico’s childhoods. 

 Vince, Pico and one of their friends Rick had a dream to be astronomers. 

 People tried to persuade them to work coal??? And Vince and Pico were about to give up their dream. 

 One day, Rick suddenly died in an accident. Rick was like a brother to them and they all used to dream tobe astronomers together. 

 Vince and Pico put their minds towards fulfilling their dreams, and becoming what they really wanted to be. 

 You can live only once and it’s limited and short. And you never know when your life will come to an end. Everyone, rich or poor, must face their mortality; life and time can never be taken for granted. 

 The most precious thing in your life is “Time”. 

 I decided to spend this limited time starting my business and continuously creating something that makes our users excited.  

 There are many more things I want to write, but this blog became way longer than I expected, so I’m going to finish it. 

 In the title, I mentioned that I was going to write about Manga, Bijo and life, but I heated up too much and forgot to mention Bijo, sorry. But I don’t have to talk braggingly about Bijo. 

 Bijo will be introducing manga which makes your life a bit more interesting, so please enjoy! 


Yohe Ariyoshi, a representative of Manga to Bijo 


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