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I’m Haruka Tuchida, a chief editor of Manga to Bijo.
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I’m not a so called “Bijo”, but I’m writing this blog anyway.

I have a question for you: What do you think of when you hear the word manga?

In Japan, you can have boys’ manga, girls’ manga, and you can see them in newspapers as well. For me, I came up with Weekly JUMP.

 It is a weekly magazine which publishes manga in it. You see them piled up in the bookstore or convenience stores every Monday. You can have a great time for only 300 yen.

Did you notice that papers of weekly manga are colorful? And did you know why? Is the answer that it looks cuter? Or it reduces your stress or something?

Actually there are several reasons, but the biggest one is to reduce costs. In fact,

About 200 pages of each manga usually costs 400yen, but about 500 pages of a weekly magazine which includes some different manga costs only 300yen. There is a reason that weekly manga like Weekly JUMP are cheaper than the usual manga (Of course it’s cheap because it includes ads as well).

 You can buy those cheap but fine weekly manga magazines in any convenience store, and they are dear to manga lovers.

 One day, I went to Manga-9art, held in Roppongi, which is a special exhibition of The Louvre Museum in France.

ルーヴルNo.9 ~漫画、9番目の芸術~

In France, manga is more expensive and formal than manga sold in Japan.

The exhibition itself represents manga-related art in frames with descriptions, and it shows us the unique world of art.

I really enjoyed that exhibition, but I personally prefer reading manga in my comfortable bed over the fancy manga in the exhibition. It’s interesting to see manga from the art prospective, but I think manga should be affordable and something you can easily try and find in the bookstore. You don’t have to commit to the specific manga, but you can just take it in your hand and buy it.

 Sometimes you find your precious manga when you least expected to. I’ve been keeping thousands of manga in my life, but I can never throw any away, because they’re my treasures now. Those manga show me a new world I never knew or a new feeling I’ve never had before.

 Do you have any manga which sticks to your mind?

 For me, the main character Sakura Kinomoto in the manga Card Captor Sakura, who said the line “You’re alright!” has stuck in my head since I was little.

Whenever I face hardships, I always remember this phrase and it makes me keep going.

 Long story short, let’s set out on a journey to discover manga, which makes your life a bit better, shall we?

 Manga to Bijo chief editor: Haruka Tsuchida.
(Model: Makoto Kobayashi)


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Ever since she can remember, she read WEEKLY JUMP, which is a weekly manga magazine read by teenagers in Japan, instead of picture books. The more she grew up, the more weekly and monthly magazines were piled in her room. She resisted throwing away lots of Manga even when she was told to do so by her parents. She resisted it because there are so many beautiful dramas and compelling characters which showed her the world she’ve never had. It was a precious time for her when she was little.