The event of the JUMP lovers, by the JUMP lovers, for the JUMP lovers: JUMP Festival 2017

From December 17th ,2016 through 18th, “JUMP FESTIVAL 2017” had been held.

Jump is one of the most famous boys’ comics in Japan.
It was the 17th event and it became bigger and bigger every year.

Some people might be curious what the Jump Festival (refered to as J-Fes) is like.

We’ll introduce this event like a news report.

First of All, What is J-Fes?

 Before we jump into the event, we’ll quickly tell you the summary of this event.

You can enjoy the event by seeing and experiencing it and you can get some rare merchandise of JUMP. What’s more, you can see many JUMP heroes in this event as well.

J-Fes has its four important parts.

  • ”JUMP Original Drawings World” -the exhibition of original drawings and autographs.
  • ”JUMP Virtual World”-you can physically experience the JUMP world.
  • ”Original Merchandise Zone”-presale/limited distribution of JUMP comics and anime.
  • ”JUMP Super Stage”-writers and voice actors have shows on this stage.

All the JUMP fans must be thrilled about this event. Also the entrance is free!
Anyone can hop into this event.

Anyway, like you can see below, people are super excited!

jumpfesta2 jumpfesta3 jumpfesta4

Wow, there are big balloons of JUMP heroes. It’s exciting!
Also so many JUMP fans are coming to this event. It almost makes me dizzy…

Now, let’s tour around this festival.

JUMP Original Drawings World.

 Here we are at the original drawings world.
You can see the rare and original drawings from JUMP writers.

Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to take photos here, but it’s the best part of this event.
You should come to see the drawings!

What’s more, autographs of writers are exhibited! We were allowed to take photos here.

jumpfesta5 jumpfesta6

They’re the very rare drawings from JUMP writers!

JUMP Virtual World

In this booth, you can experience the extraordinary world of JUMP.
We excitingly walk through the booth….


 It’s the Kame house from Dragon Ball Z!! And there is Shenron above the house!!

Shenron is famous because he makes your wishes come true.
J-Fes staff wished to Shenron that the event would be a success!
Thanks to Shenron, 160,000 people visited this 2-day event.
That’s as fantastic as we all expected!

jumpfesta8 jumpfesta9 jumpfesta10

 Huge Characters panels welcome us. They make me want to stand next to them.

You’ll be drawn into the JUMP world deeper and deeper…!

In the sponsor companies’ booth, new details about upcoming video games were announced, and visitors could play demos.
Collaboration merchandise is for sale and sponsor companies joined as well to sponsor this event.


KONAMI had its exhibition of the app “Duel Links” and live duel battles by the casts.
Kenjiro Tsuda as Seto Kaiba was having a talk show on the stage, and the audience was overwhelmed to hear famous lines from Seto.


SQUARE ENIX had an exhibition of the coming-up video game, “Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker3” and its demo.

We played the demo in advance, and it was really cool to ride on the back of monsters to run in the grass field. It was even higher quality than ever before.


VR is getting more popular these days. And we watched JUMP’s original pictures with it.

The frames can be seen one after another like you’re watching an animation.
Especially action scenes utilized with the VR were exciting!


 Wow! There is Kochikame which had its 40th anniversary and completed this year! Many messages were left by the visitors. Thank you for the 40 years of entertaining!

Anyway, this event is huge and we’re getting kind of tired by walking a lot…

Wow! This is…


There’s a footbath booth in J-Fes somehow!
It’s an exhibition from Weekly JUMP Yuragiso no Yuna-san.
We can take a break here a little. Thank God for the Oasis of J-Fes!!

 After the break, it’s time for the JUMP Super Stage! But we don’t know where the stage is…
Oh there! We can ask the help center!


 Oh my gosh! The help center is specified with ONEPIECE’s Marine!
We didn’t do anything bad, but it kind of makes me nervous!

We thought there were scary people, but those people were very nice! So you can ask any questions safely.

After we asked some questions at the help center, now we’re going to the biggest event of J-Fes, JUMP Super Stage!

JUMP Super Stage

 When it comes to J-Fes, JUMP Super Stage is the most unforgettable!

Mainly, voice actors and writers have talk shows on the stage. This is such a precious stage because you can get the secret story about the comics and hear from voice actors.
Today, I as a reporter joined the panel for Gintama.
We’re sorry, but no pictures were allowed for this stage. Too bad!


 Gintama’s new TV anime season and its live-action film are coming up.

The theme of the JUMP Super Stage this year is “Apology for the fans”.
What an interesting theme!

This is because, the live-action movie of Gintama is scheduled this year, so the fans were expecting to see Shun Oguri, who is starring in the movie. But instead, the voice actors are on the stage.

Tomokazu Sugita as Ginji Sakata
Daisuke Sakaguchi as Shimura Shinpachi
Shinpo Chiba as Isao Kondo
Tetsuharu Ōta as Sagaru Yamazaki
Those four voice actors are having a talk show.

The anchors are Tomokazu Sugita and Daisuke Sakaguchi.

These are some parts of the show.
Gintama Stage Opening Greeting:
Tomokazu: Hello! I’m Shun Oguri!
Daisuke: Hi! I’m Masaki Suda.
(They Masaki Suda and Shun Oguri are both Japanese popular actors and they are starring in the coming-up movie.)
Tomokazu and Daisuke got the audience excited as always!

The theme is “Apology”, so the voice actors apologize to the fans for something.

There are several topics:

  1.  We’re sorry to keep saying that the anime ends, even though we never did
  2. We’re sorry that we had an exhibition of “Dai-Gintama Exhibition”
  3. We’re sorry to make the live-action movie

And every time the topics ends,
Daisuke: Ladies and Gentlemen, will you accept the apology?
Audience: Yes, we will!!
(Audience replied like Waratte Iitomo, which is a Japanese legendary TV show from 1982 to 2014)
Tomokazu: It’s not Waratte Iitomo anymore now, but Viking!
The stage was filled with laughter!

At the end, voice actors had greetings and made it to finale.
Both the original comic and the anime are reaching their climax too.
We cannot miss them until the very end!

JUMP Super Stage was fantastic! There were so many things you could never know outside of this stage. The interesting talk from splendid actors definitely opened our eyes wide.

J-Fes is Coming to an End

 Finally, J-Fes is closing.
Some of you may have read JUMP comics. One of the most famous comics, JUMP holds the exciting festival every year. Even if you didn’t know JUMP, you can come visit here next year and enjoy this event.

It was a great event for everyone who visited.

J-Fes, which was held from December 17th through 18th of 2016, was visited by 160,000 people.
It was such a great success!

We don’t know the details for the next J-Fes, but it’ll be even bigger and more exciting!


How was it?
We’re happy to report how exciting the event was.

That’s all from J-Fes. Thank you!


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