The User Policy

This user policy(referred to as “the policy”) is applied to all the users who registered for a service called, Manga to Bijo (referred to as “the service”) on a website called (,referred to as “the website”)which SENSATION Inc., offers when the users use the website.
The users are admitted to the service after they have agreed to the policy, and they use the service and the website in accordance with the policy.

Article 1 (Administration)

The user policy is applied to all the users and the service.

Article 2 (Registration of Use)

Registering applicants register along with the process that the firm demands, and the registration will be completed with the approval of the firm.
If the firm judges that the applicant has violated one of the three policies, as stated below, the firm withholds the right to reject the application.  The firm is never obliged to disclose the details of its registration decisions.

  1. In the instance that the application contains false information
  2. In the case that the application was registered by an applicant who has violated the policy
  3. In other cases, when the firm judges the registration is improper

Article 3 (Management of User ID and Password)

The users manage their own User ID and Password under their responsibility.
The users cannot lend their Use ID and Password to a third person in any cases.
The company considers the account as for the users own use when the User ID and the password matches the registration information.

Article 4 (Usage Fee and Payment)

The user pays the fee which the firm determined in accordance with the firm’s stated policies. When the user delays payment, the user must pay the late payment charge at a rate of 14.6% per year.

Article 5 (Act of Prohibition)

The user must not do the acts stated below when he uses the service.

  1.   Violating the law or public order and standards of decency
  2. Participating in criminal activities
  3. Disturbing or destroying network function
  4. Disturbing the management of the service
  5. Collecting or accumulating personal information
  6. Posing as other users
  7. Directly or indirectly using the website for the profit of antisocial or criminal forces
  8. Any other actions which the firm determines to be inappropriate

Article 6(Suspension of Offer, etc)

The firm is able discontinue the entire or part of the service without a notice in the cases stated below.

  1.  When the service is under the maintenance or computer renovation
  2. When irresistible forces such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, fires, blackouts and other disasters occur, and the firm is not able to offer the service.
  3. When the computer, communication channel, etc. are stopped by troubles.
  4. Other cases when the firm judges that it is difficult to offer the service.

The firm will be discharged of any responsibility for monetary loss or damage, which the third person owes, which was caused by the discontinuation of the service, regardless of the reason.

Article 7(Access Control and Obliteration of Register)

The firm is able to access or delete the registration of the user of the service without notice in the cases listed below.

  1. When the user violates any articles in the policy
  2. When the firm discovers that the user registered false information
  3. Any other cases that the firm determines to be inappropriate.

According to this article, the firm will be discharged of any responsibility of the defaults or damages which the third person owes.

Article 8(Disclaimer)

Any financial losses incurred by the third person, which were not a result of intentional sabotage or gross negligence by the firm, are not the responsibility of the firm.
In those cases in which the firm is liable for fees, for any reason, the firm will only pay the compensation within the stated limits.
The firm accepts no responsibility for damages from trades, correspondences or troubles which happen between one and another user.

Article 9(Alteration of Service Contents, etc.)

The firm is able to discontinue the offer of the service or change the contents of the service, and the firm accepts no responsibility for the damages of the users.

Article 10(Alteration of the User Policy)

The firm is able to change the policy without informing the users whenever needed.

Article 11(Information or Contact)

The information or contact between the firm and the users will be done within the guidelines that the firm provides.

Article 12(Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations)

The users are not able to transfer the ownership of the account, and cannot use the account as a security without the agreement of the firm in advance.

Article 13(Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

The policy is interpreted according Japanese law.
If any troubles about the service occur, the court in which the firm exists will be the exclusive jurisdiction.


Established: March 7th, 2016